Hydro Flask Colors: Every Rare and Limited Edition Hydro Flask

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Hydro Flask Colors

With over 13 different stunning color choices, it’s hard to decide which one to pick out when you’re buying your new Hydro Flask tumbler.

Whether you want to match your water bottle to your car or just choose your favorite color, you’ll find the perfect option with the long list of Hydro Flask color options. 

Standard Hydro Flask Colors


Whether it’s the office, a camping trip or the gym this foolproof color choice will be suitable wherever you take it. 

The sleek, matte black color matches any standard backpack, luggage or briefcase. If you’re on the fence about which color to choose, black is always the safest choice. 

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask's insulated, stainless steel water bottles are designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, hour after hour.

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This soft white color is a great choice if you’re buying this as a gift and you’re uncertain about which color to choose. 

The clean look of the white bottle balance works perfectly with any other colors, and is one of the most popular choices on the Hydro Flask website.


This bright blue brings a burst of color and fun to your day. A great option for both kids and adults, if you’re looking for a bright choice you can’t go wrong with this Pacific hue. 


This gray and black color will work well if you’re always at the office and need a neutral colored water bottle. 

It’s not bold but also not too boring, the muted colors are a great option if you’re not looking to stand out too much.

Rare and Limited Edition Hydro Flask Colors

While these stunning color options are limited edition and rare, it’s possible to find some still available now.

Hydro Flask usually updates their color collection every spring, introducing new options and removing some of the old. There will also be exclusive color options sold throughout the year, but a good rule of thumb is to stock up when they have your favorite. 


This cobalt blue is perfectly balanced, not too dark and not too light. 

It gives off a calm, seaside vibe and is a subtle way to choose a color without being too bold. 


This soft green color is perfect for those outdoor lovers. The natural green looks very similar to the leaves and grass you would see while hiking through on your favorite path. 


If you’re not shy around bright colors then this hot pink option is perfect for you. This could be an excellent accent color against dark hiking gear or dull gym clothes. 


This sunshine yellow color is bright without being too flashy, a great unisex option that will stand out in a crowd.


If the standard white color isn’t doing it for you, then this pastel white option will be perfect. 

A matte mix of foggy white with just a hint of lavender, this is a subtle way to be unique without being too bold


This coral color is so energetic and fun, it looks like something you would buy while on vacation in a tropical country. 

The colors are a mix of pink and yellow, but the matte finish still makes it look mature and suitable for any age. 


This bright green color has cool undertones but still looks edgy and fun. 

As the name suggests the vibrant green stands out in any room, and there’s just the tiniest hint of blue to make it unique. 

Hydro Flask Kids Tumbler Colors

These kid’s tumblers are 12 oz. in size and come equipped with a perforated flex boot to keep it from slipping and sliding.


This ultra bright yellow color works well for the kid’s Hydro Flask choices because it’s impossible to get lost. 

Unlike the Sunflower color option this one is full of neon yellow hues and shines brightly.

Hydro Flask Kids Bottle

Hydro Flask Kids bottles can stand up to any adventure. These stainless steel water bottles are easy to grip, and sized to fit smaller hands.

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This icy blue option is true to its name, it looks very similar to the ice or snow you would wake up to on a cold February morning. 

The pastel tone makes it a little less bright than some of the other kid’s color options but it’s still a beautiful choice. 

Hydro Flask Trail Series Colors

These 32 oz. bottles are 25% lighter than the standard Hydro Flask tumblers. They’re great for long hikes when you want to pack light, and still keep your drinks cold for 24 hours. 


This color is exclusive to the “trail series,” and is both sleek and unique.

This warm terra cotta color looks very similar to the red sand you would see in a desert while the matte coat gives it a bronze finish. 

Hydro Flask Trail Series Bottle

Generously sized for your longer pursuits, Hydro Flask's super lightweight water bottles are built to go wherever your next adventure takes you.

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Obsidian has a dark earthy, brown color and like all the “trail series” options it has a metallic finish. 

This is a great option for hiking lovers who want to bring the earth color with them wherever they go.


The last color option in the “trail series” is this silvery, metallic option. 

This is a classic, no-fuss color option that looks great with everything. 

Skyline Series Limited Edition Hydro Flask Colors

These monochromatic bottles switch it up a little with a colored lid and logo. Even though the colors are muted and soft they still look very polished.

  • Black
  • Brick
  • Stone 
  • Sky
  • White

MyHydro Customized Color Options

The MyHydro option allows you to completely customize your own tumbler. These make an excellent gift option for a birthday or holiday, and are very customizable. 

They come in three bottle options: 

  • All Around Tumbler (including straw)
  • Standard Bottle
  • Wide Mouth Bottle

Step 1

Start customizing your bottle by choosing between the two sizing options, 21 oz. or 24 oz. 

Step 2

Choose which color lid you’d like out of the 14 different color options listed below.

Step 3 

Choose which color strap looks best with your bottle, this has 13 color options and looks great with a bold, accent choice.

Step 4

Select a bottle color from the 11 in season options.

Step 5

Select a boot color, these are the same color options as the bottle below.

Step 6

Personalize your tumbler by writing your name, initials, or birth date from any of the four, fun font options. Or you can even add a graphic design with over 20 options to choose from.

The color options for the MyHydro tumblers are:

  • Black
  • Stone
  • White
  • Indigo
  • Pacific
  • Lychee Red
  • Mint 
  • Fog
  • Eggplant
  • Clementine
  • Seagrass
  • Laguna

Color Me Interested

You can rest assured that whichever color you choose for your Hydro Flask it will stay intact through wear, tear and washing.

Hydro Flask has a special “color last powder coat” that seals in that beautiful color no matter how many times it goes through the dishwasher, or gets dropped while hiking.

This unique powder coat is also what makes it slip proof, so even if your hands are sweaty or if your drink spills you’ll never drop your Hydro Flask.

If you’re looking for a colorful way to carry around your favorite drink then these Hydro Flask options have got you covered.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask's insulated, stainless steel water bottles are designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, hour after hour.

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