I love a good adventure. My perfect weekend looks like cutting out of work at noon, loading up the car, and high-tailing it out to the campsite. 

And whenever I buy something, I try to buy only the absolute best. 

When I was looking for the perfect cooler, I had trouble figuring out which brand was better than another. It seemed like I couldn’t get any reliable information.

With so many different brands, surely one had to be better than another, right?

I knew I wasn’t the only person struggling to find the difference between quality and hype. So I set out to review the most popular coolers available today.

I’m here to take the mystery out of shopping for coolers. I’m not simply throwing opinions out there: I dive into the gritty details so YOU can know exactly what you’re paying for and whether it’s worth it. 

I’m giving you the facts. After dozens of reviews, I’ve seen a broad enough range of coolers to know how each stack up against one another. 

Welcome to CoolerSpy. We help guys like you stay cool with honest, in-depth reviews. 

I buy and test these coolers myself—no guessing or shortcuts. 

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Until next time, 

Stay cool

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