I may be a special kind of weird, but I love getting my hands on a new cooler to test and review. Here, you’ll find the latest and greatest cooler reviews, round-ups, and cooler accessory reviews. All are unbiased, hands-on, and 100% original.

yeti tundra 45 review

YETI Tundra 45 Review: The Cooler That Started It All

Check out my hands-on YETI Tundra 45 review and find out how it compares to the other big-hitter rotomolded coolers in insulation, capacity, and ease-of-use.

best backpack coolers

5 Best Backpack Coolers in 2024 to Stay Chill All Summer

I bought a bunch of backpack coolers and tested them all. Learn how much the best backpack coolers hold, how long they keep ice, and how they feel on your back.

Igloo MaxCold Voyager Backpack Cooler Review

Igloo MaxCold Voyager Backpack Cooler Review: The Best Budget-Friendly Option?

In this Igloo MaxCold Voyager backpack cooler review, I’m comparing it against the best backpack coolers so you can decide if Igloo is worth it.

Icemule Pro Cooler Review

Icemule Pro Cooler Review: The Best Adventure Backpack Cooler?

In this Icemule Pro cooler review, I’m comparing the Icemule Pro XL to the most popular backpack coolers on the market, including YETI, RTIC, and Igloo.

RTIC Backpack Cooler Review

RTIC Backpack Cooler Review: The Best Value For Your Money?

In this RTIC Backpack Cooler review, I compare the 20-Can Backpack to other coolers from YETI, Igloo, Icemule, and Tourit to see which one is the right for you.

YETI Hopper M20 Review

YETI Hopper M20 Review: Is This Backpack Cooler Worth It?

In this YETI Hopper M20 review, I’ve tested YETI’s backpack cooler against several of the best competitors to find out if it's really worth the price?

Blue Coolers 60 Qt Wheeled cooler review

Blue Coolers 60 Quart Ice Vault Review: Is it the Best Wheeled Cooler?

In this Blue Coolers review, I show the data on how the 60 Quart Ice Vault wheeled cooler performs with ice retention and insulation. Is it worth it?

Best 20 Qt cooler comparison yeti rtic orca igloo pelican

5 Best 20 Qt Coolers in 2024: Small but Mighty

We compare YETI, RTIC, Igloo, ORCA, and Pelican to see which of their 20 qt coolers is the best. The results of our insulation tests might shock you.

ORCA 20 review

ORCA 20 Qt Cooler Review: Does this Whale Swim?

This little cooler is a total beast, but there are a few things you need to know before you buy it. In this ORCA 20 Qt Cooler review, we compare it to the best.

Igloo BMX 25 Cooler review

Igloo BMX 25 Review: Does This Budget Cooler Work? 

Looking for a cooler that doesn't cost a small fortune? We got you. This Igloo BMX 25 review tells you all you need to know before buying.

RTIC 20 Qt Hard Cooler review

RTIC 20 Qt Hard Cooler Review: The New King of Coolers?

After running tests on its ice retention and insulation, we've learned some surprising things about the RTIC 20 Qt Hard Cooler. You'll want to see this.

YETI Roadie 24 cooler review image

YETI Roadie 24 Review: Is This the Best Small Cooler?

YETI coolers look great, but are they really worth the hefty price? This YETI Roadie 24 review compares the Roadie 24 against other popular brands to find out.